They Say It’s My Birthday…

Happy Birthday To Me!

My delicous ice cream cake!

My awesome gifts… that my kids were able to successfully hide from me! They know how much I love country and searched the internet to find them. I wish you could see the details, firsthand. I’m one happy mom!


It’s Finished!

I finished my newest weaving…with a few changes. Not only is it great to be weaving again, the neurologist who cared for me in the hospital told me that weaving is very beneficial for stroke recovery.

But, even though I’ve seen physical improvement these past few weeks, I returned to weaving for the pure joy of weaving. I also couldn’t finish this piece without adding some fringe!

A Medical Update

As you may know from my latest posts, I had another mini stroke and wound up back in the hospital on Friday afternoon. I had an awesome team of doctors evaluating and treating me, and received some solid answers.

Thankfully, I don’t have a blood clotting disorder, or blood cancer. The tests in that area were all within a normal range. I just wish that they had been done sooner.

However, as a part of the diagnostic process I had two CT scans of my brain. Mostly, to rule out blood clots, a larger stroke on Friday and any brain anomalies.

Unfortunately, they did find serious abnormalities: multiple cysts in the lining of my brain (the meninges), and fourth ventricle. Thankfully, they’re stable and not growing. So, no surgery in the near future.

Instead, I was discharged to the care of my neurologist for an immediate followup in his office, along with further scans and monitoring. Especially to monitor the size, and any future neuro symptoms that they might cause.

Hopefully, they might never grow. But, in the event that I would need surgery to drain or remove them, I will have it done, and trust God to get me through it.

In the meantime, I will keep trusting God and my doctors while this situation is monitored, praying, weaving and blogging. Along with celebrating my sixty seventh birthday on Wednesday! (There’s an ice cream cake with my name on it in the freezer, along with some very cheerful decorations hanging in the living room.)

Some Good News!

When I was admitted last night I was given an additional stroke screening. They check my ability to swallow, along with evaluating strength and coordination. And in the process, it became very clear that my right arm has improved to be in a normal range of function. A bit slower than the left arm, but greatly improved since November, when it flopped like a rag doll. For which I’m very grateful to God, as this really helps with daily living.

My right leg still has a good bit of weakness. But, I can walk around and function at home, and use my walker, outdoors, for short distances. This does exclude bungee jumping and rollerblading, but I can live with that (joke 😀).

I’ve been working my arm at home. Just doing everyday tasks, along with weaving, which has made a difference.

This improvement is from the damage done by the actual stroke that I had in November, following the A-fib episode.

In addition, tonight’s mini stroke appears to have reversed. Which confirms it was only a mini stroke, as you recover much faster, with no permanent damage. An additional relief, as I had concerns when it began that I was about to have another full blown stroke.

It’s also very good to be able to maintain some independence in the hospital. They still watch me when I’m out of bed. But, I can walk on my own, twelve hours after the episode.

Now, they just need to figure out why I’m having the blood clots that are causing all of this stroke activity, and DVTs. Especially to prevent another stroke.

To everyone who has prayed for me and sent kind words and thoughts…thank you so very much! God is definitely watching over me and answering prayers.

My greatest birthday gift this year is the gift of life! Despite all of my challenges and imperfections.

That’s Plans!

Tonight we were planning to celebrate my 67th birthday, which is on Wednesday. However, I had another mini stroke this afternoon and wound up back in the hospital.

So now the question remains as to why I keep having blood clots. Especially that I’m on Eliquis. Which may point to the original suspicion of a genetic blood clotting disorder.

But on the plus side, I’m receiving excellent care, and trust that the doctors will arrive at a proper diagnosis. Thankfully, it wasn’t another full stroke. I’m also very grateful that God has allowed me to have another year and another birthday, given the fact that I could have died several times since my heart surgery in 2017.

I finished my latest weaving last night, and will post it as soon as I’m home. I’m also looking forward to beginning my next piece.