Loving My Larger Loom

I began another weaving using my larger loom. This time I’m using chunky yellow, variegated boucle and raspberry boucle eyelash yarns.

I found one skein of the variegated yarn online. It has a nice sparkle, as does the eyelash yarn.

I’m also looking forward to receiving my new loom, which will give me even more variety with pieces.


6 thoughts on “Loving My Larger Loom

  1. About the same size. The space between the threads is closer to fit the larger heddle bar, since the same person makes both. I like them equally. The larger gives me the ability to weave placemats and pillow covers. I saw an even larger one that would allow me to weave rugs. Down the road. I’m glad you like the colors. I’m really enjoying the variety and having fun. .😊

  2. Is the new loom going to be the same size as this one? What do you prefer, a smaller one or this larger one?
    I love what you’re doing on this piece, so colourful and fun! 🙂

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